Quote1 When life gives you avocado, revome the core and make guacamole. Quote2

ICONIC LINE about avocados.



The Avocado is a beautiful thing mentioned by Taylor, in Total Drama Presents the RIDONCULOUS RACEEEE. It had so much screentime what it even had one episode dedicated to it.

Avocado is a fruit, loved the Vegans, Laurie and Miles. And hated by Taylor, and her father. Other vegans, such as Bridgette and DJ love it too 'cause it's tasty af. Samey wanted to make pizza with it, put thought manchineel was better. Dawn also likes avocado. And Owen likes it too.

History of avocado

Taylor once wanted to make avocado pie, thought she never knew what Avocado was. Her dad tasted it and he said didn't like it. Taylor got so triggered what she never liked Avocado anymore, and her dad too.

Powers of avocado

It is known what avocado can bring karma. Taylor talked shit about avocado on screen, and that caused the Mom's and Daughter's elimination.

Samey once was so annoyed at Amy. She ran out of manchineel, so she shoved an avocado in her throat instead. Which actually, got karma.

Dawn, she likes as well and it is known what Dawn's supernatural powers exist because she ate avocado, thought that also brought karma to Scott.

Another power of avocado, is what if you eat it, you reach the final 2, which Owen did.

Also one of power of avocado is what you can make guacamole with it, what even Gogo loves this.


  • Avocado shares many similarities with Mr. Coconut:
    • Both are fruits.
    • Both don't spesk.
    • Both got an iconic audition tape.
      • Interestingly, both of them fall in the end.
    • Both are friends with Owen.