Birdgoat was a camper, and the throwaway of Total Drama Island, as a member of the killer ass. After Island, a clone of her was made due to having an actual personality and appeared as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the geoff's lips, and was resimulated as a cardboard cutout in order to promote a main couple in Total Drama World Tour.

She later reappeared in Ridonkeypuss Race.


Exists only in Total Drama Island.  Cut halfway through season in order to make room for fart jokes.

Game Run

In Total Drama Island, Bridgette participates as an underdog on the Killer Ass until the merge gives her a good plot for one episode then tosses it aside because why the fuck not.  She is voted off in Hide and Be Snakey by Geoff Probst due to minor encouragement from a criminal.

In Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, she cameos as a cardboat cutout.

She later returns in Ridonkeypuss Race with someone who is totally not Trent as a member of the best friends.


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