Burn Book

Welcome to the Burn Book. Here are a clever list of sayings you can use to burn people hard. Results are not guaranteed. Insults can result in a flame war and/or hatred from the person you use these against if they have zero chill and are saltier than RBW. Use at own risk. They're still funny though.


  • When someone makes blogs with spelling errors, comment on the spelling errors instead of the actual content.


  • When someone is being painfully annoying or bothersome: "Gogo away".
  • To all the pathetic trolls out there: "No.", "Nope.", "You are no longer welcome on this wiki. Goodbye.", or "Bye Felicia".
  • Ban them for "just existing honestly".
  • When someone is trying to insult you: "Do not come for the queen unless the queen sends for you."

Ones You Shouldn't Actually Use And Are Only Here For Mockery Purposes

  • When people tell you that blogs need to be at least five sentences: "You need to be at least five sentences."
  • "ok. keep toesucking [insert character] and refusing to believe that [insert gender]'s a gag for the majority of [insert season]."

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