Quote1 Chewy is the best person in the world, and he is perfect!!! Quote2
Quote1 stop or I will kick yuo Quote2
– Chewy to RBW

Chewert "Chewy57" (rus. Чиуи57) or "Chewy" Chewt, labelled "The Chewiest" (this username comes from an Uruguayan footballer who used to bite people during the matches and 57 are random letters) is an user on Total Drama Wiki where he is a chat mod. He has joined the wiki on 01.12.2014 even though he has been visiting it before. When he joined the wiki he wasn't doing much, but after the leak of RR (yas, fresh was taking so long), he became more active and made friends. He also later participated in MSR. On 10.07.2016 he became a chat mod and he is now working.


This is list of the avatars Chewy had:

  1. Bridgette from Hawaiian Style (long long ago)
  2. Kitty from her first interview (after the RR leak)
  3. Shawn from Pahk'd (around summer 2015)
  4. Luis Suarez in Barcelona away kit (yas, it fitted to the username, September 2015 - Winter 2016)
  5. Sisters from Lord of the ring toss (Winter 2016 - something)
  6. Shawn from Scarlett Fever (Something - June 2016)
  7. Duncan from Mutiny (June 2016 - 06.08.2016, 10.23.2016-Present)
  8. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad (06.08.2016 - 10.23.2016)