Don's booty is the sexiest thing on the Ridonculous Race. His booty is so sexy, that it is now a religious experience and become a religion called "Donism".


Don's booty is just as flawless as Dave's pants and very few have gotten the honor of seeing it up close. The crab in Mediterranean Home Sick Blues tried to get on the list of close acquaintances but ultimately was clawed away from victory (ba dum tss).

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Don speedo Don twerk

Completely Non-Biased Trivia

  • His booty won Mr. Bootyverse for 25 years in a row
  • It is the sexiest host booty in all of TD
  • Donism is practiced by over 95% of the worldwide population since Don's booty is so flawless
  • Donism is becoming more popular than Islam, Hinduism and Christianity combined