Ella was a contenstant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She was labeled as the "The fairytale princess" but then got a nicknamd "The sugoi desu princess" by Sugar.


Ella always refers herself as "kawaii" and "moe". But all because of Sugar. She likes animals and she's probably vegan.


Ella is literally like Snow White, but better. She's also cute af


Ella - Sky
Ella - Shawn
Kawaii desu moe weeb hime - Sugar
Princess - Jasmine
Stepping stone for evil - Max
Ella - Scarlett
My girlfriend - Topher
Sweetheart - Samey
Who? - Rodney
That girl - Amy
Elf - Leonard
Bumbum - Beardo



Sugar secretly treats Ella like a weeaboo so she doesn't like her. She also makes fun if her pink clothes.


For some reason, they are shipped.

Amy and Samey

Amy thinks Ella is pretty forgettable while Samey thinks Ella is very sweet.


Since they are the adverse team, they don't really interact, but Ella wanted to sing a song for him. Rodney never really paiyed attetion on her because he paiyed attention only on Samey, Amy, Jasmine and Scarlett.



Ella's hot beautiful face.


  • Alle is spelled Ella as in backwards.
    • If we delete one "l", it will be Ale.
      • If we delete the "e", it will be Al.
        • This practically means, what Alejandro and Ella are linked.
          • Alejandro and Ella are cousins.

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