This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Beardo.



Beardo is eliminated and nobody cares.

He annoys people because he makes a lot of noises and does nothing whatsoever to help the team. He is universally voted out first from his team and none of them give two s**ts about him for the rest of the season.


Amy is disgusted by Beardo's beat-boxing on the plane and makes an Ugh sound.


Before Beardo is blasted out of the Cannon of Shame, Beardo makes a cannon sound, annoying Chris. After Chris sends Beardo flying, Chris declares he won't miss him. In Scarlett's elimination ceremony, Chris says that she has been eliminated more then anyone who has ever been eliminated, "even more than that beat-box guy", referring to Beardo.



Dave annoyed by Beardo's noise-making.

In the opening sequence, Dave is seen covering his ears, being annoyed by Beardo's sound effects.

Dave is constantly irritated by the random sound effects that Beardo makes with his mouth, and often tells him to be quiet while covering his ears. Dave is satisfied by Beardo's elimination and says "Game over," after Beardo makes a Pac-Man sound effect.


According to LegoDude44, he hates Beardo for being overrated, fat, and hairy.


Leonard and Beardo are the bottom two at the first elimination ceremony and Leonard is relieved when Beardo is eliminated in his place since he knew he failed worse then Beardo did.


During his short time on the show, Beardo seems to respect Sky as a good leader for their team and follows her instructions, while Sky has never openly shown annoyance at Beardo's sound effects. He is mentioned later by Sky in This Is The Pits! when she finds a CD of his beatboxing in her team's backpack of supplies.


When Sugar decides to take a rest, Beardo makes a farting sound the moment she sat down. This greatly embarrassed Sugar and tries to defend herself. At the Campfire Ceremony, Sugar angrily glares at Beardo after discovering he made the farting sounds and he cowers in fear.



Sugar threatens Topher after she found out he made out with her crush.

Beardo attempts to flirt with Topher while Topher is admiring his face in his mirror and he punches Beardo's nose in retaliation. They eventually hook up and form a love triangle with Sugar. In the end Topher and Beardo hook up much to Sugar's sadness until she finds someone else.

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