Kitty was a contestant in The Ridonculous Race where she was sadly robbed one episode before the finale. But still, seeing her in every episode is great <3 Kitty is awesome.


There is very much to say here, since Kitty is a great, lovable person. Even though she prefers having fun than doing other stuff, she was still a very valuable member of her team, as seen in every episode, duh. I sometimes wish Kitty found a love interest in the race but whatever, she is still adorable <3


Even though the sisters didn't do much in the first episode, Chewy immediately fell in love with them (more with Kitty ofc). He was rewatching this episode all summer only for them. When RR finally got aired, Chewy developed his love for Kitty, loving her in every single episode (especially Darjeel where she slayed Devin). As previously mentioned, Kitty was robbed in twenty-fifth episode of the race, but Chewy still loves this episode for some sisters' heartwarming moments <3

Next Season

Yeah, we all know that Kitty needs to appear in it.


  • Some people were shown to have Kitty fetish.
  • Myths say the creators didn't let the Sisters win as they originally planned because Kitty was getting too much attention after her scenes in bikini in How Deep Is Your Love and Bahamarama.
  • Kitty married Chewy and they had a child together.
Black Kitty

Kitty's true self.

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