Ok so as you all know Mint and Max (aka Mix) is married.

I am making this petetion so that people who want it to be exclusive(aka only Max and Mint can have sex with each other do lovey dovey things and not with other users)

I am Captain of the SS Mix ship and I approve this message. ~Joy x.

Sign here:

I wanna have sex with othuhs but ok -mint

I obviously ship it, Max wouldnt be happy about that tsk tsk tsk BUT IF MAX SIGNS THIS PETITION WILL COME TRUE SO YES. ~Joy x

Yes they're super cute together. -- Raised By WolvesWallContributions2,880 Edits

Mint we're over. AGAIN. Go marry Max bitch :) Amylover123 (talk) 13:45, July 31, 2016 (UTC)

So long Brendon Urie :) -MaxGuy

I ship it!- Cloudy :)

Oh my God i ship it the ship is just <3 - Salty Sweet Princess

This petition is not closed, Mint and Max can only be with each other.

I should captain all ships ;) ~Joy x

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