Samey, labelled The Mexican Goddess Bunny Good Twin and Manchineel Woman and Creature, is a contestant from Total Drama: Pahkitew island, she gets bullied by her much superior inferior sister Amy.


Samey doesn't really have a personality but you're heavily influenced to feel sorry for her for some reason when she gets quote-unquote "bullied". She is also a criminal who casually changes her identity and almost murders her sister, being a total hypocrite in the latter. She's also really really really REALLY smelly. Oh wait, there's her personality.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

She rocks and whines for five episodes, gets eliminated and is never mentioned again because she is a bland irrel. Bye Felicia Wave_emoticon.gif


  • She is cute and super hot, but Amy is only hot.
  • She tried to poison her sister because she was jealous tired of her bullying, so she should of been disqualified instead of Scarlett.
  • She is even more annoying than the person who sings Friday and hasn't proved to the world she has any actual skills.
    • Lol this was so wrong I can't even.
  • She cannot say no (she can, but at an inappropriate time)
  • She shoves manchineel fruits down people's throats, and kills them (only Amy's and didn't kill, don't mistake her for TD fans)
  • She likes foraging in sleepwear a cheerleader outfit.
  • She likes manchineel pizza.
  • She's actually Amy but with no mole.
    • Or it's the other way around.
  • She has a best friend named Katie.
  • She likes music like jazz(mine)
  • She has lots of fans, interestingly, one of them is the Illuminati.
  • She was sentenced with life in prison shortly after the events of Total Drama due to charges of identity theft and attempted murder.

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