But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east, and Spirito is the sun.

Arise, fair sun, and kill the mean moon,

Who is already sick and pale with being a stinky butt,

his maid, goddess Tiffany Pollard, and patroness of virgins.

His vestal livery is but sick and green

And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.

It is my Spirit Animal, O, it is my love!

O, that he insulted me we would!

He speaks yet he says nothing; what of that?

I cannot see his eyes discourse

I am too bold, 'tis not to anyone he speaks.

He has one of the fairest icons in all the heavens

Having some business, do entreat his Lindsay Lohan

To twinkle in his sayings till they return to burn.

What if his ears were there, they trapped by gummy bears

The brightness of his soul would shame those who are envious,

As nightlight doth a lamp; his spirit in heaven

Would through the airy region stream so lively

That some would sing and think it were not right.

See how he ignores me covering a good insult

O, that I were a ear upon that mouth,

That I may listen to him

A Poem of Love by Gogogadget831

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