Total Drama: The Travel is the first season of the Total Drama Roleplay.


Eleven new contestants are chosen for Season 6 of Total Drama, where everyone will compete all around the world in the most dangerous locations ever, but this time. Everything is accompanied by Bella, the nice interviewer who will host the Aftermath, a place where the eliminated contestants watch and talk about the race, where the recently eliminated are taken as guests and interviewed, they eventually join the peanut gallery. It's a fierce battle, until only one contestant is left. Watch Anjana, Andrew, Audrey, Celes, Gretchen, Hollywood, Karen, Keith, Nabae, Tiffany and Valerie battle it out, and see who will get the $1,000,000 prize.


Raging Rosebuds: Andrew, Hollywood, Keith, Nabae, Tiffany, Valerie
Perfect Plastics: Anjana, Audrey, Celes, Gretchen, Karen

Raging Rosebuds: Andrew, Keith, Tiffany
Perfect Plastics: Anjana, Audrey, Celes, Gretchen, Karen


# Contestant Team Episode Winner
- - - Your Boobs Predicted Nothing! -
#11 Valerie The Raging Rosebuds This Place Is Coconuts! The Perfect Plastics
#10 Nabae The Perfect Plastics Episode 3 The Raging Rosebuds
#9 Hollywood The Raging Rosebuds Episode 4 The Perfect Plastics
#8 Anjana The Perfect Plastics Episode 5 The Raging Rosebuds
#7 Celes The Raging Rosebuds Episode 6 The Perfect Plastics
#6 Gretchen The Perfect Plastics Episode 7 Audrey
#5 Keith The Raging Rosebuds Episode 8 Andrew
#4 Karen The Perfect Plastics Episode 9 Tiffany
#3 Tiffany The Perfect Plastics Episode 10 Audrey
#2 Audrey The Perfect Plastics Episode 11 Andrew
#1 Andrew The Raging Rosebuds

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