King Tom is the King of RR and the King of fashion. He is also Jen's king.


I was eliminated in SEVENTH EPISODE of RR? When my team was about to rank second last place? I can't even with this show!

Once Tom took off his shirt and Justin/Trent shed tears while Owen cried like a baby. That day, Tom and Jen's blog blew up and crashed due to the insane amount of users coming in.

When Sadie saw this, she spit out her pizza and squealed with Katie. They later feasted on Mr. Coconut.

Once apon a time, Tom had a terrible dreams where he wore overalls. It was a nightmare. But when he woke up, he remembered he put a bomb in all the overalls in the entire world. He PUSHED the button. And all the overalls exploded. So no overalls remain in this world. When he lived happily after, with good and sweet dreams.

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