Good news everybody! I'm very happy to announce that you can now customize your own userpages on here by adding userboxes to show everyone more about yourself and your many likes and dislikes! Creating a userbox is quite easy to do! What you can do is that first, you can create a page that links to your own profile, like right here in this sample below:

Next, what you can do is use this sample source code to make it and you can customize your userbox with colors, collages of different images, creative text, the list goes on! Look up any HTML libraries online for creative ideas!

{| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="width:240px;" | style="width:45px; height:45px; text-align:center; font-size:13.5pt;" | [[File:Ancelesmas.png|95px]] | style="font-size:8pt; padding:5pt; line-height:1.25em;" | This user <font color="green">'''celebrates'''</font> Ancelesmas and ships Anceles. |}

Here are the userboxes that are now available for your use! I will continue to update this page with more userboxes I have created. Post your userboxes on this page for other users to add to their pages as well! Have fun!!

Dark x Gogo This user is a fan of the relationship between DarkMaster999 and Gogogadget831.
Ancelesmas This user celebrates Ancelesmas and ships Anceles.
Taro Bubble Tea This user loves bubble tea.
Troye This user worships Troye Sivan and his blue neighborhood.
Glennfan23 This user is a fan of the relationship between Glenn31 and TDWTfan23.
2q80 This user is Lady Gaga.

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