One day, when nothing was happening on the wiki and there weren't any welcomes, one brave user decided to entertain us by writing his own "automatic" welcome message to make up for the fact he unfortunately never received one (wow, admins must love him). The poor man even signed his message as Ryan.

Welcome to Total Drama Wiki!

Rohan Anthony Hordern Hi! Thanks for your edit to the User blog:Jon825lazery7/TDI Bottom Two/Three.

Please leave a message If I can help Anything! - TDIFan13 (There aren't any welcomes, I made this for Fun.)

Opinions of the other users

Art: You're welcoming yourself? Several months after you've joined the wiki?

Chewy: lmao hahahaha

Trent: Ummm...

DipDap: I've never laughed this much on this wiki before since Gewn

Clyde: ^

Gogo: Bwahahahaha

RBW: Ok then...

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