She's a super hot Zoey Hater who looks exactly like Anne Maria and is sad because Zoey stole Vito from her. She's also wet, unlike all of your vaginas. She's smoking hot, unlike Zoey, she speaks in a strong Jersey accent, and doesn't tolerate anyone messing with her make-up and hair spray.

ZoeyHater666: Zoey is wet, unlike her vagina.

ZoeyHater666: Her armpits smell like the outhouse.

ZoeyHater666: Zoey sees Chef's big, black cock.

ZoeyHater666 (x100000): Zoey is a stupid c***!

Stryzzar: Can you stop plox

ZoeyHater666: stfu whore

Stryzzar: You are no longer welcome on this wiki. Goodbye.

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